Venice Dan Brown Inferno tour


Venice Dan Brown Inferno tour

Off the beaten path visiting Inferno locations

This tour combine the unique possibility of visiting some places very far from the crowded city center, where foreign tourists are rare to meet, and to get a picture of the locations of the Dan Brown novel Inferno. We start from the train station, where Robert Langdon arrived from Florence, then we move to the nearby church of St. Jeremy to visit the relics of the blind St. Lucy. From there we’ll take a boat in order to reach the Arsenal of Venice, on the opposite side of the city, where Dante Alighieri took the inspiration for the boiling pitch of the Inferno (the Hell), the memory of his real visit are still engraved on Arsenal wall. Using the same boat we’ll arrive to the St. Mark square, where we’re going to visit the St. Mark Basilica including  the hidden floor where we can see the original four horses stolen by the venetian from Constantinople during the Crusade. Then we are going to hunt for the born house of Enrico Dandolo, the blind venetian Doge who conquered Constantinople.

The tour last around 3 hrs.

Not included: 1 hour motor launch rent (about 120 euro), ticket for the St. Mark Basilica terrace (about 5 euro per person, please remember not to wear shorts or skirts above your knees and to cover your naked shoulder when you enter in the church)

On optional request the tour may be all by walking, without the boat cost.

For any request please get in touch with us