Murano, the glass blowing island

Murano, the glass blowing island

From the Middle Age all the venetian glass blowing production was by law moved away from the city, relegated on a little close charming island, to prevent fire accidents. This island became for centuries the center of the best high quality glass manufacture in the world: the Murano glass. Still nowadays is possible to attend to one of the historical glass furnace production, a glass master team is building glass objects in front of us, what was secret and magic in the past now can be seen and learned, if you have the proper skills.

The tour last around 2 hrs.

Not included: the boat to the island, the costs are variable, from 18 euro if using a slow regular water bus, to 70 euro for a taxi

During the furnace closing day a demonstration of glass blowing is still provided.

For any request please get in touch with us