Excursion to Murano and Burano islands

Excursion to Murano and Burano islands

the glass production and the lace craft

The islands of the venetian lagoon are small pearls scattered on the water, each one with its unique attractiveness and traditional activities. Murano, called “the small Venice” with a little Grand Canal, the palaces and the ancient cathedral, is the historical capital of blown glass. We visit an ancient furnace where glass masters are building their production, no tourist demonstration, but a real old craft manufacture.

After a further trip over the enchanting lagoon we visit Burano. A small fishing village made by colorful houses, this is an exceptional place the atmosphere of its ambience is totally unique. Three are the special production of Burano: the best seafood restaurants (daily fished nearby), the traditional butter cookies (the “buranelli”), and the lace production. These are the famous “merletti”, they can be manufactured only by the skilled hands of local ladies, according to the old and slow processing method.

The tour last around 5 hrs.

Not included: the boat to the islands, the costs are variable, from 18 euro if using a slow regular water bus, to 190 euro for a shared taxi, till 600 euro for a private taxi available for the entire tour duration.

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