Off the beaten path in Venice, why?

Off the beaten path in Venice, why?

There are many ways to travel around European cities, a common one is going directly to the famous highlights (squares, museums, churches), get a selfie, and then shopping around. Nice and quick way to maybe get some tourist traps, but if you want to visit a place the only way is enjoying with no many people around. It’s a bit more selfish attitude, but only in this way you can really appreciate what the centuries left to us, which are the stones of the building but most of the time a river of emotions, as we’re in Venice I would say a Canal of emotions.

To contemplate an emotion, to live a feeling, you must do an Off the beaten path visit of Venice, you don’t need more time, you just need to refocus your priority, and chose a smart way to approach a cultural but even funny city.

Every step on an Off the beaten path tour is a new discover, only by stimulating the curiosity at every corner you can keep your senses alive and get the emotions.

Our tours have this aim, the reason we can do this is that we are from Venice, we have studied the city by loving the city, and time to time we also get excited to discover new things, new unexpected corners on a place we consider our one like our homes.

Everybody can walk around, we make it enjoyable, and some secrets of Venice will be shared only with you.